HP Printers Setup with USB Connection

An Ethernet or wired connection provides a way to connect your 123 hp com setup network printer.
An Ethernet port is a port that Ethernet cables plug into in your computer or network router.
Alternatively, these ports are called jacks or sockets.
Most computers are connected to a wired network by one built-in Ethernet port.
Ethernet cables differ from the phone cables that we normally use. The connectors differ.
A wider and thicker Ethernet cable connector. It has 8 contacts, and there are 2 to 6 contacts with a telephone connector.
Make sure you use the CAT-5 cable to establish the wired connection of your 123 hp com setup printer.
Download the software from the website of 123.hp.com/setup.
Once downloaded, double – click the downloaded file and start the installation process.

For Youtube Activation: www.youtube.com/activate
For Norton Setup: www.norton.com/setup
For mcafee activate : mcafee.com/activate
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